Social Security*

Make smart choices with your Social Security benefits
Your choice on when to file could increase your annual benefit by as much as 76%.1

Learn key filing rules and strategies so that you can make the best choice for your retirement income plan.

Health care Costs in Retirement*

Learn how health care costs can impact your retirement
We can make it simpler to understand.

Learn more about the impact of health care costs in retirement and get a personalized estimate of your potential health care costs from Nationwide®.

* Presented by our Nationwide Retirement Institute, these workshops are interactive, engaging and full of valuable information. They offer you the opportunity to ask questions and learn in a safe space of like-minded colleagues.

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Nationwide representatives cannot offer investment, tax or legal advice.

1 Nationwide as of May 2015. Based on an individual with full retirement age of 66, comparing early filing at age 62 and receiving reduced benefits of 75% of primary insurance amount versus delayed filing at age 70 and receiving credits to increase benefits by 32% of primary insurance amount.

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